Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CT report

The results of the CT scan are as expected: Some further progress in shrinking the bladder tumor, some reduction in size of the affected lymph nodes. The great news for me though is that I was totally mistaken in thinking that I would be "under pressure" to have surgery. On the contrary, the oncologist not only is not pressuring me in the least, he now seems to be of he same mind and thinks surgery would not be a good idea. For some time now I had already decided I would decline surgery no matter what, but it's great to have the support of the oncologist himself. The plan is to have two more 3 week cycles beginning on Jan. 9 as proposed earlier, more scans and then most likely stop the chemo and go to check ups every 3 months or so. Also there is a new immunotherapy drug that has already been FDA approved for one type of cancer, and he expects it to be approved for bladder cancer with in the next 6 months or so. It may well be worth a try.

The doctor does emphasize that chemo is not a "cure", and that my cancer is metastatic (which we knew). It is very difficult to get a straight answer on typical survival time/rates for someone in my position, but I think the truth is simply that no one really knows--which has been my position all along. We don't know, so I'm going to just assume that I'll beat whatever odds by a wide margin. After all, I've always been an odd duck, so why shouldn't I be an anomaly in the cancer world as well? In any case, today's meeting has left me feeling more confident than ever. And I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to be taking a break from the "nectar of the gods"!

I found out today that Jina's training was in ballet, but her professional dance career was modern dance in Japan for a few years. I was surprised to find her unaware of the fact that receptionist Priscilla spent several years in Japan as well, as some kind of exchange student, and still corresponds regularly (every week, I think she said) with her host family. So I'm helping the Urology Clinic folks to get to know each other. Now if only I could get Radiology and Urology to communicate...


  1. Thanks for posting this good news, Steve. And enjoy your break from the "nectar of the gods"!

  2. Hmm, seems my comment from my ipad didn't work, so trying again by laptop. Steve this is fabulous news!!!!