Monday, December 15, 2014

Handelian addendum

Some clarification of the previous post: I think the pattern is clear by now, that when it's in the worst stage I get kinda whiny about it. When I spoke of only having the energy to sit at the table for half an hour (watching the baking extravaganza), that was true at that particular time but it does get better.
One problem has been that for a couple of weeks now I've had a lingering cough/cold, which combined with the chemo does get a bit tiresome. Anyway, it's only bad for a few days at most following infusion, and even then I keep doing most of my normal stuff. For the next four weeks or so it should get better and better!

While I'm here I'll report that today's CT-scan went much more smoothly than the last, because (a) I made a point of only drinking half the bottle, and (b) they actually got me in on time. On the other hand, I have to constantly battle these nurses who want to draw blood for testing. Look, I get it analyzed every week and you've got it on the computer. I'm a quart low as it is and really don't want to donate blood to random passers-by. "Oh, but we need to test such-and-such for kidney function and they may not have done that." On the contrary, sir, I can assure you they test for everything. They test for basophils, monocytes, and nucleated RBC. They test for sodium, potassium and creatinine. They test for performance-enhancing drugs, LSD and crack cocaine. They test for anti-freeze, brake fluid, and recycled motor oil. They test for quarks left over from the big bang, and for little green men in miniaturized yellow submarines. Check it out if you don't believe me.

Five minutes he comes back. "You're right, you're good to go." Imagine that!

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