Friday, January 9, 2015

Nothing to report

Alas, I'm sick today and we had to postpone the chemo 'till next Friday. Annoying since I'd like to get it over with, but it doesn't make sense to take a cisplatin hit when feeling this bad (some weird flu-like symptoms).

I felt great though on our DC trip; Abby's recital was awesome! Jessie came with us, Jan and Jerry and Genny met us there, and Abby and Oliver came back on the same plane with us for a Seattle visit. A very fun, if short, vacation.

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  1. Sorry you are sick, Daddy! I wish that my family and I were not so germy... you probably got it from us. :( Thank you for all of your posts to date. Kaia continues the line of questioning you referenced. A while back she asked me "what's beyond the universe?"