Friday, August 5, 2016

Off week!

Ah, so nice to be in an off week! Rode my bike in yesterday for the off week appointment, which formerly involved changing the Picc dressing but this time was just for a blood draw and to have them look at my arm. It's much better but still itches and hurts a bit. Apparently I'm the worst Picc patient in the history of Picc-dom.

I got the results of the blood draw while I was there (it's amazing they can analyze twenty or thirty variables so quickly), and was a bit shocked that my poor little platelets are already down to 86, normal being 150 or higher. Don't recall it happening so fast last time. Guess I'll have to give up knife juggling yet again. At 50 you have to be very careful, and at 10-20 they do a transfusion. But it was never even close to that last time. "Be careful on your bike; don't fall off" they cautioned me. It's a totally flat trail, for heaven's sake! I think the only time I've fallen as an adult was on the Sammamish river trail a few years ago, while making a hasty U-turn to go back and look at a snake in the grass. So as long as I avoid snakes, I'm fine.

Meanwhile the red blood cells are already down to the minimal "normal" level, while my white blood cells are higher than normal--but that's just because they give you a white-cell booster in week 2 of each cycle. Anyway, studying these lab reports helps keep it interesting.

Nothing more to say, except that it really is a beautiful day!

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