Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18

Yesterday was a "day off", in that I get a break from the chemo and just report for blood work, change of PICC dressing etc. The nurse was very surprised to learn that far from experiencing fatigue, I've been feeling as good or better than I've ever felt in my life. "But ondansetron makes most people drowsy", she says. Not me!  She was unable to explain this phenomenon and concluded with the observation that "you're not like our usual patients". My red blood-cell count is just starting to drop, so we'll see, but meanwhile it is day 16 and I feel great. Mr. Chemo, if this is the best you've got, I can take you any day of the week!

In fact after my visit to the urology clinic yesterday I went to the departmental beer-bash, and convinced my department chair over a good IPA that I'm not making this up.

But like I said, we'll see. Next Friday is the double-dose, cisplatin + gemcitabine (and the hiccups, drat). And they say that it's around the 3 week point when you can start losing your hair. Until proven otherwise, however, my working hypothesis is that I will continue to be "unusual". I told the nurse that I'm starting to believe it's all a hoax, that I don't have cancer and they're just giving me placebos as part of a sinister experiment by space aliens. She denied it. But of course she would...


  1. Ha. Of course you're not like their usual patients. There's never been much that's "usual" about you!

  2. Yes, like younger, fitter, smarter than their usual patients!