Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oct. 16: Riding the high

A bigger font to make it easier on these old eyes. (And I dare say mine eyes are not the oldest to be viewing these posts.)

Just a quick update to the previous post. Unfortunately, it is by now quite clear that this amazing energy level I'm experiencing is drug-induced, i.e. by the serotonin-inhibitor used as an anti-nausea drug. I've been high as a kite, and there is no other reasonable explanation. I must say it's quite enjoyable, but also worrisome because what goes up must come down, and the descent can be quite unpleasant. I'll discuss it with the nurse tomorrow. Meanwhile I'll just keep riding the high and prove more theorems!


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    1. Aaagh! Technical difficulties using "smart" phone!! Could not see how to edit my comment.

  2. Ride on, Steve! We're all riding along with you, and I dare say some of us are drafting behind your deft maneuvering. Bravo!!!!!