Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another scan, and a very happy Wendy birthday

Last Monday's scan showed that the original lesion in my liver has again increased in size, but ``not dramatically'', to quote the oncologist. On the other hand, the second apparent lesion now appears to have been a mirage. So that's good news, although I myself have not yet seen the radiologist's report. It really irks me that they're so slow to forward it to me. The doc also said that my bladder looked ``pristine''. It's not often you hear those two words used in the same sentence.

He also told me about a new treatment as a possible alternative to atezo. I'll report on that later, when I've had a chance to investigate. For now I'm just looking forward to our New York City trip, coming up on Wednesday! We're going to see Abby in the chorus of Fidelio at the Met, and we're all going to see Aida as well. It will be great to see Abby and Oliver in their native habitat.
Not to mention I'll finally meet the legendary Earl Grey (the cat).

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful celebration of Wendy's xx-th birthday, where the number has been censored because I can't believe a young man like myself is married to a woman that old. On the Saturday we went out for dinner and then saw the movie ``A United Kingdom'', which is fabulous. Very highly recommended. On Sunday, her actual birthday, we had birthday dinner at the Brown's house. Now, it is well-known that Kaia and Finley are the cutest grandkids on the planet, as has been verified by an independent research firm. But they really outdid themselves this time:

They met Wendy at the door and sang Happy Birthday to her. Kaia made a colorful Happy Birthday poster. They each made a present for her out of cardboard etc.: Kaia made a Boeing airplane, and Finley made a doll house (``Be careful! It's fragile!'' he warned). Kaia helped her mother make a strawberry birthday cake, in the shape of a strawberry (according to Kaia, ``I told mommy how to make it''). My favorite image of the evening, which makes me smile just to think about it, is Kaia serving cake and icecream while wearing a cute little apron and a white chef's hat. Would you like one strawberry or two? she asked each of us. Later she announced that she was going to go around the table and give each of us a hug, which she did. Finley decided to make a present for his daddy. ``Don't look over here!'' he exclaimed about once a minute. ``Guys, don't look at the art table!'' It turned out to be a Star Wars vehicle---the name of which I forget, not being a connoisseur of the form as Finley is. Meanwhile, Kaia was whispering to me about her plans for Daddy's birthday cake (his being the next family birthday coming up).

It doesn't get any cuter than that! Life is beautiful, indeed.

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