Friday, July 15, 2016

Decision made

Just a brief update to say I've decided to follow the doc's advice and start chemo next Thursday.
I still hope to make the Italy trip work, and in fact I may have a better shot at it with the chemo than
without; the doc thinks the chemo may improve my exasperating bladder symptoms (which have not
improved much at all in the two months since surgery).

For me, by far the most anxiety-producing part of this experience is making such decisions. Once
the decision is made, however, it's back to full steam ahead!

I'll need plenty of steam to keep up with the munchkins. In a baseball game (I use the term loosely) with Finley and Kaia yesterday evening, almost any hit was declared by Finley to be a "ten-run homer" and my one bunt was decreed to be a "grand slam", surely a first in the history of baseball. The one hitch was that I was supposed to "run around the bases ten times". Uh, grandpa's kinda tired right now. "That's okay," says Finley, "you can just run slow."

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