Sunday, March 8, 2015

Old bloggers never die

It's been suggested to me that these posts are supposed to contain words of wisdom. Well, suggested in jest...but still! Words of wisdom have I none, but I do know two natural philosophers, wise beyond their years, who have some deep insights into the cosmos. Kaia of course, who inspired the What's behind the sky? series. As to Finley, here is a verbatim transcript of a recent conversation:

Finley: Grandpa, do you like licorice?
Me: Well, I did when I was a kid.
Finley: And did you know that when you die only bones are left, you turn into a skeleton?

Glad to have that cleared up. The little guy sets a good example in other ways. For instance, he recently did a face-plant into a concrete sidewalk (I'm glad I didn't witness it) with such force that Jessie was afraid he had a concussion. He didn't, but I was still concerned about him when they came over for dinner tonight.

Me: Finley, I heard you really banged your head. Are you okay now?
Finley: I have new socks!

Bright red ones, in fact, which he proceeded to show me with great enthusiasm.

Although it will be a while before I have any more cancer-related news, I've decided to keep writing anyway on things I find interesting. The advantage of a blog is that you don't need to worry about boring people to death; they can either read you or not as they choose. For instance, I love to talk about languages in general and Italian in particular, but try to hold back (honest, I do) at family/friend gatherings because I don't want to put people to sleep. In my next posts, however, I'm going to indulge myself a little and talk about Italian.

Meanwhile, if you have a pair of bright red socks, put them on and enjoy!

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