Friday, February 6, 2015

Last hiccup weekend begins

Well, my thought that I would post WBS III "in a few days" didn't pan out. Mainly because it keeps getting longer and longer, and because I have so many math and Italian projects going currently. But at some point it will appear!

The skin problem on my Picc arm seems to be resolved, 90 percent back to normal. The general gross feeling of today's cisplatin infusion is already setting in, so I'm not looking forward to that, but it is the last one! The worst part is that my neutrophils (described by Susan as "baby white blood cells") are very low, and she (Susan) gave me a pretty stern lecture on avoiding infection by avoiding people entirely. She was not happy with my plans to teach anyway and wants me to at least wear a mask if I do that, which would be a bit weird. It's a bit of a juggling act. On the one hand, I feel that Susan doesn't realize she's dealing with a topologist as opposed to an ordinary mortal. On the other hand, if I do get any kind of infection at all I'll have to be hospitalized, which would be un-fun, and in extreme cases it can be fatal, which is even un-funner. The last thing I want, this close to the finish line, is get hit with any of that. Susan says Monday might be okay but as my count drops further (which it will) Wednesday into the next week is an especially risky period. So I may stay home and give some kind of virtual lectures to the little kids (the first-year grad course) and let the big kids (my two Ph.D students) fend for themselves. By far my biggest concern is not seeing Kaia and Finley. I hope to cook up some way to see them outside on a walk or something, if they seem to be healthy.

It bugs me that I don't see Sara on Fridays anymore, as she switched to a 4 tens schedule. So no opera discussion.:(  On the other hand, Dana has loved all the movies I've recommended and we have interesting conversations about that. Most recently, "Searching for Sugarman", an amazing true story (documentary) that Jay recommended to us.

Well, hope to write more later. But there are midterms to grade (groan), local cohomology and Italian projects await (fantastic lesson last Monday!), general yuckiness to overcome...

A wonderful weekend to all!  

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